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Jim Harvey

Jim Harvey – Managing Partner

Jim Harvey had operated his own compensation consulting business (Columbia Compensation) for 7 years prior to co-founding Alliance Compensation in 2020. He has over 40 years’ experience in the field, encompassing not just consulting but experience in corporate roles as well, including working as a Sales Support Manager while implementing a global sales incentive plan.

The majority of his career, he worked in high-tech, aerospace, utility and health care where he specialized in leading Total Rewards functions. His global work experience includes creating custom pay strategies, and understanding how pay is managed in other countries. He has a strong track record of driving large-scale projects through to delivery and implementation.

Jim began his career in Arizona, and had an opportunity to move and work for a large compensation consulting organization. But he met his first wife so married and stayed in Phoenix. The family moved to Oregon in 1997.

He has been an instructor for WorldatWork, teaching job evaluation, sales incentives and base pay / pay for performance. Jim is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and Global Remuneration Professional (GRP). He is the Practice Leader for Pay Equity and Sales Compensation Pay Equity Analysis, Sales Compensation and Incentives).


Believe it or not sometimes it doesn’t rain in Oregon. Jim enjoys outdoors activities such as camping, golfing, pickleball and gardening. He lives within a few miles drive of several wineries and enjoys sampling Oregon Pinot Noir.

He’s still married to his first wife (see above!) and has three grandchildren who don’t see enough of him (soon to be four) that are teaching him to be their Boppa.

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