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Board of Directors Compensation

Board of Directors Compensation

Your board members are clearly spending more time on their board roles with full board meetings, committee meetings, teleconferences, and board education. Alliance Compensation provides clients with independent and innovative approaches for evaluating, designing, and implementing Board of Directors compensation programs and executive compensation governance covering your board of directors.

Companies seek assistance on Board Compensation because:

  • Effective and engaged board members are in high-demand, and how and for what they are compensated will enter into their decision to join and remain with your company
  • It’s important to compensate board members commensurate with their contributions to their governance role
  • The structure of a board compensation plan helps ensure an efficient and well-functioning board

Our experience in Board Compensation includes:

  • Evaluating retainers, fees, incentives and other types of Board Compensation
  • Reviewing the market peer group
  • Work with private and public companies
  • Evaluating and designing plan elements such as holdings and retention periods

We can assist you with determining if your board compensation is competitive and appropriate and if your organization is practicing proper board governance. Board compensation should be reviewed at a minimum of every 3 years.

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