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Compensation As A Service

Qualified & expert support for compensation situations and challenges facing you and your team. Professional consultant assistance from an expert, taking tasks off your plate or to share a challenge and brainstorm solutions can be a great relief. Our team will ensure you have a ready resource to help manage important elements of your business.

Companies Value Compensation as a Service Because:

  • We provide Day-to-Day Support with expert, experienced temporary compensation analyst help for day-to-day department operations work
  • They can search for a replacement for a departing compensation staff member while we fill in and provide expert consultant support
  • Sometimes just having Extra Hands-on Deck – while the team works on special projects (like acquisitions, incentive plan redesign or revamping performance management) — keeps everyone on an even keel
  • Having extra Support for Annual Programs reduces the peak or overtime hours – we can help to run your annual cycle program (merit, bonus or equity distribution)
  • Seasonal peaks such as Salary Survey Input – Utilize supplemental expert analyst resources to manage salary survey input
  • Getting Caught Up – Working through the backlog of never-ending data and support projects, like updating tools or updating job descriptions
  • They just need overall qualified & expert consultant support for compensation

Our Experience and Engagements Include:

  • Configuration of compensation modules in HR systems such as WorkDay
  • Compensation planning tool/model for budget distribution and pre-decision analysis
  • Post-compensation planning budget summary views
  • Annual regulatory filings i.e., California Pay Data Report
  • Expert compensation program support during Merit, Promotion and Equity cycles
  • Ongoing compensation support for promotions and compensation analysis requests
  • Backfill a team member with a temporary compensation analyst while they take on a special project
  • Market analysis of specific pay program rates like interns and new college grads
  • Salary surveys or pay practices surveys (relocation, car allowances, etc.)
  • PayFactors implementation
  • Budgeting for bonus, merit and promotions
  • Run and audit incentive plan calculations

Services provided and associated fees vary based on the level of work. Please contact us for a personalized discussion of an appropriate approach for your needs.

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