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Employee Pay Planning Tools

Employee Pay Planning Tool

Employee Pay Planning Tools

Pay planning is an annual process in most organizations, and preparing for and managing the process can cause a significant interruption to the productivity of your team. Do you have an employee pay planning tool? Our experts have been there, having that responsibility while in corporate roles themselves, and are equipped to take that role on for you.

Companies value Pay Planning Tools because:

  • They want to make sure their salary budget dollars have the greatest impact
  • Managers typically only make pay decisions once a year, and it needs to be easy and intuitive
  • They want to align compensation with organizational values and goals
  • Executive management needs visibility to pay decisions to have confidence that the pay philosophy is being supported

Our experience with Pay Planning Tools includes:

  • Creating custom spreadsheets that utilize your policies to enable multiple pay decisions for each employee
  • Working with your team (HR, Compensation and IT) to maximize capabilities of HR systems such as WorkDay
  • Alignment with your available and approved job data to simplify uploads to your HRIS
  • Working with pay data and pay practices in over 100 different countries
  • Focusing managers on just the critical decision-related data but enabling other related data
  • Reporting planning outcomes against program goals
  • Designing and delivering manager training on tools and usage to enhance understanding and effectiveness

Our consultants will work with you to develop the tool by defining your requirements and investigating other useful capabilities. By implementing a successful Employee Pay Planning Tool, you can deliver a “non-event” process with minimization of delays and errors.

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