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Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

With the spotlight on the SEC disclosure rules, excessive risk and “say-on-pay,” executives and compensation committee members are rightly concerned with getting Executive Compensation right. Taking an active role is required to ensure that compensation programs are well conceived, designed and implemented to support the organization’s business strategy.

Companies focus on Executive Compensation because:

  • There is increased scrutiny from regulators, shareholders, proxy advisors, activist groups and the media
  • The alignment and leverage of compensation of executives is critical to achieving company strategies and objectives
  • It is essential to hire and retain the best executives to successfully lead your company
  • The investment in an individual executive and the structure of their compensation through fixed, variable and other elements is a strategic decision
  • CEO pay always seems to be under the microscope

Our experience in Executive Compensation includes:

  • Directly working with the Compensation Committee of the Board of public and private companies
  • Designing executive incentive plans that align to corporate strategies and objectives
  • Evaluating total competitiveness (total cash and total direct compensation)
  • Conducting proxy and peer group analysis for base, short-term and long-term cash and equity, and perquisites
  • Creating total compensation planning tools
  • Communication and Training plans and materials aligned to your needs

You can count on Alliance Compensation to deliver independent, credible and comprehensive advice.

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Finally, here is a link to an article on executive performance metrics: Consider Performance Targets for Setting Executive Incentive Goals (Georgeson, Zach., Workspan Daily, February 15, 2024). © WorldatWork, 2024.