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Salary Structures

Salary Structures

salary structure

Whether you already have one or multiple pay or salary structures, Alliance Compensation can give you a high level of confidence that your pay grades and pay ranges are competitive and enable you to meet your base pay objectives.

Companies want Salary Structures because:

  • They want a way to incorporate competitive market data into their pay programs
  • Managers need guideposts and a pay structure to make pay decisions
  • Structures help define the lower and upper limits of base pay while ensuring competitiveness
  • Pay can vary geographically and structures can group like labor costs together
  • Pay ranges and segments of pay ranges in structures enable smart pay-for-performance decisions

Our experience with Salary Structure design includes:

  • Determining the need for different types of structures such as sales (target cash) and engineering (base pay)
  • Linking your salary structure back to your job architecture and job leveling strategy
  • Determining the need for separate pay structures for different types of employees or segments of your employee population
  • Balancing the in-depth data analysis with the need for simplicity and transparency with your employees
  • Creating global and regional pay structures and grading systems
  • Calculating and modeling the placement of employees in a new or updated salary structure
  • Creating alternative approaches for different types of jobs, such as use of step rates or blended models
  • Understanding when a pay structure needs a renovation or a tweak to be competitive
  • Communication and Training plans and materials aligned to your needs and directed to managers and/or employees

Alliance Compensation can partner with you to ensure your base pay system is aligned with your competitive market, your values, and create a system truly focused on your specific market.

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