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Job Evaluation

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a way to value jobs and helps ensure roles of similar importance to the business have similar pay opportunity. It is also often the basis on which market comparisons of pay rates are made.

 Companies perform job evaluation because:

  • They want to understand which positions and job responsibilities are similar for purposes of pay, promotions, lateral moves, transfers, and other internal equity issues
  • They want to provide managers appropriate pay or salary grades to help decision making
  • Job evaluation helps with the development of job descriptions, job specifications, performance standards, competencies, and the performance appraisal system
  • It helps employees understand career paths and it aids management with succession planning
  • It supports the recruitment process by having job responsibilities that assist in the development of job postings, the assessment of applicant qualifications, suitable compensation levels, and other factors related to recruiting employees

 Our experience in job evaluation includes:

  • Evaluating jobs in multiple organizations and industries identifying required knowledge, skills, judgment required, and impact
  • Creating and implementing internally focused systems such as point factor plans and job classification frameworks
  • Benchmarking positions to salary survey sources such as Radford, Willis Towers Watson, Mercer, and Milliman
  • Communicating to employees where their job fits in the organization relative to others

Our consultants will work with you to develop an efficient system for defining the responsibilities of each position and placing jobs into grades. By implementing a successful job evaluation plan, you can deliver a framework that is consistent, equitable, transparent and credible.

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