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Market Review

Market Review

Understanding who you compete with for talent and how much they pay is essential for you to attract, motivate and retain employees. We help ensure you understand your market and that your organization remains competitive. We will examine market data, pay practices and trends and identify where your business is positioned relative to the market and show you where opportunities exist.

Companies value Market Reviews because:

  • Awareness is essential to ensure your salary budget dollars have the greatest impact
  • External advisors can provide a “new set of eyes” on your approach separate from “the way we’ve always done it”
  • The widespread availability of on-line salary data can easily pry away your best talent if market data is not highly valued

Our experience in Market Reviews includes:

  • Helping you identify and participate in published surveys that can provide you with the most relevant data for your organization
  • Determining how to best group jobs into salary / pay structures based on market value
  • Working with pay data and pay practices in over 100 different countries
  • Designing and delivering manager training on various pay programs and topics to enhance understanding and effectiveness

We will evaluate the characteristics of your competitive market and provide thorough recommendations based on your company’s compensation philosophy and goals. You will come away with a clear view of which steps to take to ensure your organization remains competitive in today’s economic climate.

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