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Pay Equity

Pay Equity

Pay Equity laws have proliferated over the last few years. Manager’s decisions on hiring rates, promotions or other types of remuneration can have far-reaching and legal consequences.

Companies seek assistance with Pay Equity because:

  • They are unsure if they have pay equity issues
  • Compliance is desired but no one knows where to start
  • It is unknown how to “fix” things – Remediation of cases
  • Policies may need to change but it’s unclear which ones are the drivers

Our experience in Pay Equity includes:

  • Creating and managing the project
  • Partnering with stakeholders (legal, finance, executives) to achieve desired outcomes
  • Determining appropriate cohort groups
  • Creating both simple and complex models to calculate ratios indicating significance
  • Helping to determine reasonable solutions for specific situations
  • Communication and Training plans and materials aligned to your needs

Alliance Compensation can manage your Pay Equity audit project in order to assess current pay practices and consider any remedies that may result from a review of the results. It will allow your company the opportunity to identify and reduce risks, which in some jurisdictions may be used as an affirmative defense to litigation brought against the company.

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