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Sales Compensation

Sales Compensation

Sales compensation is probably the most complex type of pay, and one that absolutely must be done right. Successful companies maximize their sales investment by using the right sales compensation plans to motivate performance and drive business results. A well-designed sales compensation plan ensures alignment between sales force efforts and business objectives.

Companies focus on Sales Compensation because:

  • The best sales compensation plans pay the best performers much better than average or low performers
  • Competitive data drives the final design, not “gut feelings”
  • They understand plans must be well-documented and communicated
  • Sales is the primary driver of revenue and bookings

Our experience in Sales Compensation includes:

  • Developing driving principles to use in sales plan designs
  • Identifying and segmenting of incentive eligible sales roles
  • Designing plans that focus on primary business, marketing and sales objectives
  • Modeling sales plans for various projected outcomes
  • Creating transition plans
  • Creating plan documents and communication materials
  • Directing engagement with other stakeholders such as finance, sales executives, sales operations and payroll
  • Communication and Training plans and materials aligned to your needs

At Alliance Compensation, we can engage at whatever level is needed, whether a start-up, an annual update or a total rebuild. We help clients develop targeted, achievable performance objectives and plans to align sales performance with strategy.

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