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Alliance Compensation Services Overview


Our team can act as an extension of your team to evaluate new jobs, re-evaluate jobs that have changed, help put together successful offers to new employees, create retention offers to key employees, and assist many other challenges and projects that land on top of your in-box.

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Salary Structures

A salary or pay structure is a tool that helps you know you are paying employees competitively, fairly, and equitably plus makes it easier to manage salaries.

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Market Review

Understanding who you compete with for talent and how much they pay is essential for you to attract, motivate, and retain employees. We help ensure you understand your market and that your organization remains competitive.

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Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a way to value jobs and help ensure roles of similar importance to the business have similar pay opportunity.

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Executive Compensation

It is essential for you to get your executive rewards programs right to drive business results. Compensation Committees are also under increased scrutiny from shareholders and proxy advisors when hiring and rewarding executives. Alliance Compensation will deliver independent, credible, and comprehensive advice in this area.

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Sales Compensation

Successful companies maximize their sales investment by using the right sales compensation plans to motivate performance and drive business results. We can design plans which help you meet and exceed your goals and objectives.

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Short and Long-Term Incentive Plan Design

Alliance Compensation designs cash and equity incentive plans that focus employees and executives on organizational, strategic, and financial goals that drive and improve your bottom line.

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Survey Submissions

Participating in third-party compensation surveys is important and the results are essential to you providing competitive compensation. Unfortunately, this work can be very time-consuming and keep your staff from completing other priorities. Our consultants can act as an extension of your team since we are very knowledgeable about the formats required by survey companies such as Radford, Willis Towers Watson, Mercer, and Milliman.

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Employee Pay Planning Tools

An application like pay planning has a set of rules that can be applied consistently across functions, pay structures and countries to ensure your pay policies are considered by managers when providing merit, promotions or adjustments. We can design a template customized to your specific business requirements.

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Pay Policies

Pay policies such as promotional guidelines, new hire salaries, and salary increase guidelines must be aligned with your business objectives, pay philosophies, systems, and processes to be successful.

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Pay Equity

Alliance Compensation can help you determine equitable pay for employees in different protected classes who perform jobs that require equal (or, in the instance of some state laws, substantially similar or comparable) skill, effort, and responsibility.

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Compensation Committee Meeting Preparation

We can help you plan and prepare for your compensation committee meetings by creating meeting materials, creating project plans ensuring all materials are completed on time with key management, and independent advisor review meetings. We can arm you with data to deliver compelling, competitive, and defensible pay strategies.

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