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Survey Submissions

Survey Submissions

Are you looking to outsource your compensation survey submissions? We can help you!

Participating in third-party compensation surveys is important and the results are essential to you providing competitive compensation. Unfortunately, this work can be very time-consuming and keep your staff from working on other priorities that demand more time or attention. Some of the surveys have more than 50 columns of data, requiring a great deal of Excel proficiency.

Our consultants can act as an extension of your team since we are very knowledgeable about the formats required by survey companies such as Radford, Willis Towers Watson, Mercer, and Milliman.

Companies participate in salary surveys because:

  • They want to ensure alignment to the pay philosophy and strategy
  • They need a timely and reliable source of external pay data and practices for other companies

‚Äč Our experience in salary surveys includes:

  • Completing salary surveys using company source data to meet submission guidelines and deadlines
  • Specific knowledge of the most frequently used survey providers
  • Excellent understanding of matching jobs correctly into surveys
  • Turning market data into salary structures

We will work with your team in collecting the information and transferring the data into the format required. We will also work with the survey companies on timelines and responding to any questions they may have with the data submissions.

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